Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report - Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - Colodny Fass

Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report - Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Date Published: 02-13-2018


Car Insurers Hike PIP up to 54%, But Brakes Pumped on Repeal

Florida’s Top 25 Car Insurers raised Personal Injury Protection Premiums up to 54 percent since the start of 2017, Records requested by The Palm Beach Post show.   Charles Elmore reports via the St. Augustine Record.


Proposed State Rental Legislation Causing Growing Home-Rule Concern

The Bill would transfer Regulation of Vacation Rentals from Local Government to the State.  The Bradenton Herald’s James A. Jones Jr. reports.


This Bill Would Allow Trafficking Victims To Sue Hotels. Hotels Aren't Happy.

The Bill, sponsored by Senator Lauren Book, intends to give Victims more Litigation Power to recoup economic damages as well as cost for their medical and mental health expenses they amassed following their time of abuse.  Ana Ceballos reports for


Immigration Showdown: First Debate of 2018 Florida Governor’s Race TONIGHT

Two Candidates for Florida Governor, Republican House Speaker Richard Corcoran and Democratic Mayor Andrew Gillum, are scheduled to Debate Tuesday night over "Sanctuary Cities" and Immigration.  The Tampa Bay Times’ Emily Mahoney tells you how to watch and what to expect.


Florida House's Approved Budget Includes Contingency Clause Opposed By Many Senators

After passing Separate Budget Bills last week, the Florida House and Senate are expected to begin Conference Sessions soon to forge a Common Budget.  The joint meetings have not been formally scheduled as yet.  John Haughey reports for


Florida May Be on Hook for Speeding up Lake Okeechobee Dike Repairs in Trump Budget

The President's Budget Proposal describes an "Innovative Partnership" with Florida, but the request falls short of the $212 Million that the Army Corps of Engineers said was needed in Fiscal 2019 to accelerate work on the Federal Project.  Politico Florida’s Bruce Ritchie reports.


Florida Gets an “F” in Election Security, New Report Says

Florida is a failure when it comes to Election Security, according to a New Report announced Monday.’s Mitch Perry reports.


Potential Voter Control of Gambling Spurs Urgency for Deal with Seminole Tribe

Only the Legislature shares the urgency to revive a compact with the Tribe.  Politico Florida’s Arek Sarkissian reports.


Voter Turnout in Sarasota State House Race May Be a Record

Before Election Day Voting even commenced, Turnout for the District 72 State House Race may have set a record for a State House Special Election in Florida, another sign of how much interest the Race is attracting as both major Parties look to make a statement heading into the November Midterm Election.  The Sarasota Herald-Tribune’s Zac Anderson reports.


Steube Bill Still Likes Daylight Savings, but Would Let Panhandlers Stay in Central Zone

The Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee Voted Unanimously Monday to support the Bill, a measure that scraps Seasonal Clock-Resetting. It's now virtually the same as House Bill 1013, which is headed controversy-free to the House Floor Wednesday. Publisher Nancy Smith reports.


SEC Probes Miami Gardens’ $60-Million Bond Issue; Were Bond Funds Diverted?

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Miami Gardens to determine whether City Officials violated Federal Laws in connection with its $60-Million General Obligation Bond Issue approved by Voters in 2014.  Francisco Alvarado reports for


Texas Family Wants Justice After Contractor Walks Off With Insurance Money

Five different Property Owners in North Texas told CBS 11 News Averitt took a total of nearly $250,000 from them, after they were each struck by natural disasters. They’re now convinced there are more victims.  CBS Local reports.


“No-Fault” Pacts with Railroads Hold Amtrak Liable for Accidents It Didn’t Cause

Amtrak’s ability to offer National Rail Service is Governed by separately Negotiated Track Usage Agreements with 30 different Railroads.  The Associated Press’ Jeff Horwitz reports via Insurance Journal.


Ohio Collects More Than $20M In Past Due Taxes From Insurance Agents

Administrative Action may be taken against an Agent’s License if an Outstanding Judgment Lien has been Filed against the Agent or their Organization.  Insurance Journal reports.


Why Tax Cuts May Curb Insurers’ Municipal Bonds Appetite

The Municipal-Bond Market’s long relationship with Property and Casualty Insurance Companies may be breaking up.  Bloomberg reports via Insurance Journal.




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